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Women on the frontline


As women marched through London in to celebrate the centenary of getting the vote, other women were engaged in frontline policing action around the corner.

Free Tommy Robinson supporters clashed with Muslims demonstrating against Israel as they marched through Mayfair.

These guys were aggressive, angry and up for a fight. Women officers were prominent in keeping them apart from the Muslims.






Dropped my Fuji X100 on holiday. Roman cobblestones don’t have much give, so I’ll be reverting to 1950s technology for the duration.


The tide is high

A stroll along the Thames at Richmond during the recent lovely weather (now a distant memory).

piggy back-

Shot with a Fujica GL90 using Fuji Velvia 50 (slide film).

beer garden-).

Nina on the roof

Shot a few frames with German model Nina on a rooftop in Shoreditch.


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Mia digital black and white

Interesting to compare film and digital from the same shoot (well  for photography fanatics like me).

Do these digital images add or lose anything from photos linked to the previous post?

I’d be interested to hear your opinions…

Mia on film

Mia Hasselblad-

A shoot with art student Mia Giacone.

Cameras used: Leica M3, Hasselblad 500cm and a Rolleiflex

Films used – Kodak Tri-X and Ilford Delta 400

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Goldborne Road

Goldborne Road--2

Took my Rollei to my favourite street in London on a Saturday morning at the end of winter.

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