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Downpours in Paris and London

A few frames taken on rainy days in the two cities with a Leica M3.

The Ilford Delta 3200 film is probably grainier than it should be due to me being less than careful with the developer concentration during processing.

There are some more images here

People ask me why I shoot film (I ask myself sometimes) – well, here are some digital images shot at the same time for comparison:


Rainy day

A stroll from the South Bank to Soho on a rainy Sunday afternoon…

Making a splash

Provence to Paris

A belated Happy New Year.

Just developed some film from a short trip to France over the break to add to some digital shots I took.


My year in pictures

Saw in the New Year in Barcelona.







Spent part of Feb. in New York.







In March I enjoyed a trip down to Deal with my old Rolleiflex.









Met a Chelsea Pensioner while photographing the Soldiering On Awards and visited him in April.








A holiday in sunny Skye in May.


My first horse race in June – the Epsom Derby







A wedding in July.







Photographed actor Alex Donald in Aug




A trip to Brittany in September.







Bought a 1949 Speed Graphic camera in Oct.









Started developing colour film in Nov.







No tropical holiday in December.






Hope your year had some great highlights too. Wishing you all the best for 2018.


Shooting with Idris Elba

A dull Monday morning. A free hour or so and a couple of rolls of film to shoot.

What better way to pass the time than team up with a friend and hang around your local council estate?


Mia petal

Mia portrait

And it turns out Idris Elba also had at the same idea – a film crew were setting up a shoot on the estate for a 1980s comedy called In The Long Run that’s going out on Sky next year.

We didn’t actually see Idris, but Mia has a certain star quality, I think.


The tide is low

Autumn sunshine lured me out to Richmond with a couple of old medium format film cameras*.

The Thames was exceptionally low as they had opened the weir at Teddington.

This brought the detectorists out.

This chap found a Victorian half sovereign.

Stopped off in the park on the way home.

I’ve added a couple more shots here.

*Rolleiflex and Fujica GL690



Cut through London’s Chinatown on Sunday, shooting with longer lens for a change, after I read that Saul Leiter often used a 150mm lens for his wonderful street scenes.


Sad to see an old favourite restaurant, the New World, has been closed down on health grounds. An infestation of mice. Thought that black bean sauce was a bit chewy…

Anywhere, there are a few more pics here: