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An autumn afternoon in Paris

Was back in Paris for the weekend, with camera of course (Fuji X100 and Leica M3).

You can see some photos here

My Viking inheritance

Had a small op on my finger today to treat Dupuytren’s contracture, which causes the finger to bend.

It had got to 40 degrees, so it was time.

Instead of surgery to cut out the thickened cords, I opted for minimally-invasive needle aponeurotomy weakening the cords by inserting needles. The finger is then straightened, but requires a splint and physio for weeks.

Dupuytren’s Contracture splint

It’s a genetic condition apparently only occurring in those of Norse blood (it’s also known as the Viking disease).

I didn’t realise I had any Norse blood. Typically, I didn’t inherit the blond hair, long limbs or blue eyes, just this. And, of course, their unflinching courage.

Actually, I did flinch a bit. And brought the missus along for moral support. Although I overheard her later on the phone telling someone: “It looked really painful, but was fun to watch.”

Unfortunately, the finger will begin to bend again in a few years and I’ll have to repeat the process.

John Major denounces Brexit

Photographed Sir John Major at the Guildhall.

He went on to give a very eloquent and passionate criticism of Brexit. Shame he’s not still leading the Tory party.

A photographer’s lot

An odd experience of being auctioned for charity by Nick Bonham at the Guildhall before the great and good of the City’s PR practitioners.

After a bidding bout involving Sandra McLeod (Echo Research) and others my services were eventually won by John Lehal (Four Public Affairs).

My contribution helped raise £13,000 for charity. And sounds like an interesting job is on the cards with John later this year…

Women on the frontline


As women marched through London in to celebrate the centenary of getting the vote, other women were engaged in frontline policing action around the corner.

Free Tommy Robinson supporters clashed with Muslims demonstrating against Israel as they marched through Mayfair.

These guys were aggressive, angry and up for a fight. Women officers were prominent in keeping them apart from the Muslims.





Dropped my Fuji X100 on holiday. Roman cobblestones don’t have much give, so I’ll be reverting to 1950s technology for the duration.


The tide is high

A stroll along the Thames at Richmond during the recent lovely weather (now a distant memory).

piggy back-

Shot with a Fujica GL690 using Fuji Velvia 50 (slide film).

beer garden-).